Special Requests

Last updated November 25, 2018.


Please contact lkinarthy@gmail.com if you can help.
A woman in our community needs temporary or more permanent housing by November 30th! She has a dog- and the two should be kept together if at all possible. She is on disability income support and uses a walker and can afford to pay room and board if the cost is reasonable.
She may have to go to an emergency shelter( not ideal for her -she has a lot of anxieties) and in that case could not bring her dog.
Is there anyone that can rent her a room until more permanent housing can be found? If necessary we would also like to find someone that can shelter the dog for a few weeks if it becomes too difficult to find a place for both of them.

Elderly gentlemen, retired professor, looking for a suite to rent. Call our phone line or email us if you can be of assistance or know of someone who can help. Our phone number is 250.704.2744.

Victim of house fire looking for dining room chairs to go with IKEA white melamine table. Please call us at 250.704.2744.

Couple in near Nanaimo requests upright vacuum cleaner in good condition. Call 250.704.2744.

If you have things you would like to donate, please let us know (250.704.2744) and we will see if any one in the community can use it.

We are in need of a volunteer to help a person with the organization of the contents of a person’s home.The volunteer will help the individual organize household items into keep, consign, donate and discard piles. This volunteer help will likely take anywhere from approximately 8 to 14 times.

We require a young companion to go on a short walk one or twice a week with a young adult . The young adult is a fan of Minecraft and lives in the Gordon Head area.

We also require a driver to drive a young man from the Gordon Head area to Langford so he can attend a medical clinic twice a week. . We have volunteer Driver insurance place for our volunteers. If you are interested, we can provide more details.contact us